We do not only design from the outside in; we create an entirety based on experience and atmosphere, where both interior, exterior, functional features and choice of materials create a consistent sense of quality and sophistication. We assist our customers throughout the process all the way from concept to move-in, and ensure the best results at every step. Through a careful study of the project context and the client lifestyle, we create tailor-made solutions with the goal of exceeding expectations and achieving characteristic, confident homes and interiors worth falling in love with.

Studio RAM is based in Stockholm and is active both in Sweden and internationally. A broad experience from both private and commercial projects in the Nordic countries, Europe, USA and Asia gives us a truly international perspective and has allowed us to work with a number of private and commercial clients, including International Workplace Group (IWG), No18, Scius Partners, Hufvudstaden, SAS, Pond Stockholm and others. Our projects have been featured in film and TV productions and have also been frequently seen in social media. In the autumn of 2020, we participated in the first Swedish edition of the Grand Designs TV show.

Studio RAM was founded in 2013 by Ariel Ramirez. He was educated in both architecture and interior design at schools in Stockholm and New York and also spent three years in Japan which has served as a great source of inspiration in a lifelong fascination for the relation between the built environment and nature. Ariel has also developed a deep interest for neuroscience in relation to beauty and architecture - this as a result of an effort to understand how human beings are affected by our surroundings. His sources of inspiration - among other - are ortherwise often found in international architecture, art, music, fashion and aesthetic contrasts such as the one between romance and modernism, tradition and presence. This coupled with a sense for opportunity and business has always lead him to embark on projects with a long term, holistic perspective,  something which lie at the heart of our philosophy.

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